Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day

Memorial Day means a decent amount to me.  I do realize that it celebrates the people who died and served our country.  But people don't think about it, we just go out party and enjoy the three day weekend.  I am one of those people, I take it to heart that people sacrificed their lives for us, I have no idea how to celebrate it any other way.  I relaxed all weekend because I had a State Track meet to run at so I was completely dead.  It was first observed in 1868 as Decoration Day, it was to celebrate those who sacrificed their lives during war.

Monday, May 18, 2015

National Month

I believe there is no point at all to have "celebratory" months.  Have one day to celebrate it like national siblings day and mothers day, etc.  That is the stuff that is worth celebrating not the smiles month and what not.  I believe some people do celebrate it for like the first fifteen minutes they find out it is smile month.  We celebrate foster care month in May, Salad Month, and Barbecue Month.  I would love to celebrate Salad Month because I love salad like no other.  National Chair Month, we find our favorite chair to sit in and just worship it.  Each night light a new candle.

Monday, April 27, 2015


Prom is the heart break season.  Let me tell you a wonderful story on why I hate prom.  It was about two months ago and people started asking their dates to prom.  So before anybody could take my idea for asking my date, I decided to do it on a Sunday night.  I got a bunch of balloons and candy and pieces of paper.  Each balloon had a word in it with some candy.  She had to pop all the balloons to figure out the sentence.  "Will you go to prom with me?" Was the sentence.  She said yes and loved it and it was a great time.  Until then next morning I got a wonderful phone call saying she doesn't want to go to prom with me.  Like what the heck, I was pissed off to the max.  Thanks for bringing up prom, and breaking my heart again.  I'm not going to prom. Thanks.

This Does Not Chap My Khakis

Monday, April 20, 2015

Earth Day

Earth day is an excuse for people to say they are "Going Green" and give a crap about the Earth.  In all reality we never freak out about the trash problem every day.  We go on with our lives like nothing is wrong.  I honestly do not care about Earth day, it is pointless and just nonsense.  Then they tell me to turn the air conditioning down a few degrees in the summer so I roast in my house.  No I want to be nice and cold and have to wear a blanket inside in the summer.  And in the winter I want the same.  I want it toasty in my house so im comfortable not freezing.  Three cool facts are it was first celebrated in 1970, in 2009 Disney made a film called "Earth", and finally founded by Gaylord Nelson.  Things we can do is plant trees, recycle, and ride bikes.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Break

My spring break was fun and very school appropriate unlike some of my fellow classmates.  I went to my dads the first Friday night and stayed there until Sunday afternoon.  Then I hung out with some of my friends until Wednesday afternoon.  I arrived at my dads Wednesday night again and watched Netflix until Sunday morning.  I went thru two seasons of American Horror Story, one season of friends and three seasons of American Dad.

Monday, March 30, 2015


In the 1890s graphite for pencils were coming from China.  To indicate that the graphite was from China they made the pencils yellow; yellow in China is the color for royalty.  I use a pencil every single day, mainly a mechanical pencil because I never have to sharpen them and I like the feeling of mechanical pencils.  I never doodle because I find it as a waste of time and lead.

Monday, March 23, 2015


I believe that we should be able to have any haircut we want (that is reasonable) for football.  A lot of teams get "team haircuts" where everybody gets the same haircut.  Everybody looks as a whole, I would love to be able to get the Bos without my coach getting mad or offended.  I also believe that we should be able to wear visors, it benefits you if you are playing at seven at night when the sun is just going down and you cannot really see one side of the field because the sun is blinding you.  I also believe we should be able to get pride stickers.  I just think it really gets to show other people all of the accomplishments you have made throughout the year and at the end of your senior year you get to buy your helmet for a reasonable price and just get to say "This is what I did in high school football."

This is the Bos

This is a visor:

Pride Stickers: